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About Me

Marcia Trahan, MFA in Writing and Literature

I'm the author of Mercy: A Memoir of Medical Trauma and True Crime Obsession, forthcoming from Barrelhouse Books in June 2020.

As an editor, I specialize in memoir and the personal essay. I've also assisted writers of literary and mainstream fiction on a diverse array of projects, from young adult novels to experimental short stories, and have a particular interest in fiction with autobiographical origins. I'm happy to work on short pieces as well as book-length manuscripts.

Since 2004, through memoir editing and fiction editing, I've helped writers of all ages, skill levels, and interests to view their work and their abilities in a new light. I live in South Burlington, Vermont, but I send and receive manuscripts primarily through email, so I can work with you no matter where you live.

In the forms of memoir, essay, and fiction, people have brought me stories and meditations on a wide range of subjects: childhood, adolescence, family history; love, marriage, parenting; illness, disability, recovery; death, dying, grief; and spiritual journeys. I don't think of particular subjects as taboo.

My approach is simple: I encourage, I challenge, I meet you where you are and show you where you can go from there. While keeping your personal goals foremost in my mind, I suggest ways for you to streamline and clarify your writing, to make it as engaging and powerful as it can be. Most people find that it's equally helpful when I point out what they're already doing successfully as when I specify the areas in which they can improve.