Legacy Memoirs


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Contact me to learn more about legacy memoirs. Tell me your hopes and plans for your book, and describe any writing you may have done so far. I'd love to hear all about it!

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Legacy Memoirs

Turn your life story into a book your family will cherish.

As you look back on a successful career and the joys and challenges of raising a family, you may want to share your life events in book form with your children, grandchildren, and close friends. I specialize in memoir, and I can help you craft a cohesive story from the significant moments in your personal and professional history. 


I assist writers of legacy memoirs with basic story elements, such as structure and pacing for readability, scene writing, and vivid descriptions of people and places. A legacy memoir should be a polished, compelling narrative, one you'll be proud to share.

My focus is on the editorial process.  While I don't offer book design or printing services, I can provide recommendations for such services once your manuscript is finished.


Legacy Memoirs: Services


Mentoring ($50 per hour)

If you haven't started your legacy memoir, I can provide writing exercises that focus on different stages and topics in your life. I can then help you begin to construct a story out of the moments, details, and scenes that emerge from the exercises. I can also work with your notes, outlines, and other planning documents.

Critique ($50 per hour)

If you have a partial or full manuscript and want feedback on the content, you'll need a critique, which provides a blueprint for revisions.  

The cost will depend on your word count, the amount of detail you want in comments and suggestions, and the number of revisions you'll need until you feel the manuscript is complete. 

Contact me at info@marciatrahan.com for a quote. You can also find more information, including sample estimates, on the Critique page of this site. Fees for critiquing legacy memoirs are comparable to those for other genres.

Copy editing ($30 per hour)

Once you've completed content revisions on your manuscript, the last step before printing is a copy edit, which addresses prose issues such as punctuation, usage, spelling, and grammar. It may also include rephrasing for clarity.

The cost will depend on your word count and the nature of the edits. 

Contact me at info@marciatrahan.com for a quote. You can also find more information, including sample estimates, on the Copy editing page of this site.