Memoir Editing, Fiction Editing: Testimonials


Rob Barbee

"This book could not have been written without my amazing editor, Marcia Trahan . . . It was her probing questions, insights, correction of my sometimes-shaky prose, and overall editing prowess that helped craft this memoir through its numerous revisions. Nothing I write sees the light of day before it goes through her capable hands." From the acknowledgments for Detour to Tumortown: Dispatches from an American's Middle East Medical Crisis (2017). Also authored by Rob and edited by Marcia, Saving Daisy: A Collection of Short Stories (2017).

Lucinda Weatherby

"I am deeply grateful to Marcia Trahan, dream editor, whose enthusiasm and patience never waned. I could not have done this without her." From the acknowledgments for Five Hours: How My Son's Brief Life Changed Everything, a memoir (Akashic Books, 2015).

Angela Page

"I would not have completed my novel nor published it without Marcia's amazing guidance, coaching, and editing! I intend to be a repeat client and highly recommend all her services." Author of Matched in Heaven, a novel (Eternal Press, 2015).

Lou Macaluso

"Marcia is a professional. Her feedback and suggestions are honest, exhaustive, and constructive. She offers flexible plans to meet your needs and budget. Believe me, her prices are well worth the results. Having worked with many literary professionals, I can honestly say that if there are editors more talented than Marcia, I haven't met them." Author of The Warming Sicilian Son, a memoir (BrickHouse Books, 2012), and the novels In Search of Sal  (Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2013) and Deja Vu, Italian Style (Pegasus Books, 2015).

Ilana Waters

"Marcia deserves special thanks for her help in critiquing, editing, and formatting my manuscripts. She has an uncanny knack for coming up with elegant, simple solutions that elude me. The world needs more of her positive, gentle direction." Author of middle grade, young adult, and adult fantasy novels. Visit her Amazon page here.

Donald R. Dempsey

"After struggling to write my memoir, I knew it was lacking something. Marcia was invaluable when it came to helping me figure out what that something was. She not only edited and polished my rough manuscript, but assisted and supported me with a variety of other issues along the way to completion. I consider her a great professional resource." Author of Betty's Child (Dream of Things, 2013). Read the Kirkus Review of this title here.