Memoir Editing, Fiction Editing: Policies



I can provide you with a specific quote or set of quotes for your project once I know the word count and the critique or copy editing option(s) that interest you. I'll also give you a specific time frame for completion. This information is best exchanged initially through email. Once we've corresponded, I'll be happy to set up a time for a phone appointment upon request to answer additional questions and to firm up details.

Response time

I respond to most inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. If you don't get a response within 2 days, that means I probably did not receive your email. In that case, please resend the message to and copy it to my personal account,

Planning ahead

It's a good idea to contact me 2 to 4 weeks before you plan on sending work. A short story or essay generally takes 1 week to copy edit or critique, while memoir editing or fiction editing for a book-length work takes at least 2 weeks. However, the start date depends on my availability at the time of your inquiry. My schedule literally changes by the day and can fill up very quickly, so your best bet is to inquire as early as possible. 

Contracts and payments

Once we agree on a price and other details, I'll draw up a contract and email it for your review. We can agree to the contract via emailed statement; if you prefer a hard copy, I'll ask that you print, sign, and mail 2 copies of the contract (my address appears in the heading of the document). I will reserve your time slot once I receive the mailed contracts or emailed statement and payment of one-half of the agreed-upon price, or the full payment if you choose to take advantage of the 10 percent discount. If you opt for paying in 2 installments, the remaining balance is due immediately upon completion of the work. The 10 percent discount applies only to fully prepaid totals of $300 or more.

I accept personal checks, money orders, and e-checks, instant transfers, and credit card payments via PayPal. If you choose PayPal, I'll send you an email invoice that will include a link to the site. PayPal then walks you through the steps to complete the transaction.

Online or paper?

I strongly recommend working by email attachment. It's by far the most efficient method for all types of copy editing and critique. It does not require specialized tech knowledge on your part. If you can send and receive attachments, we can work by email. If you prefer having a hard copy of the edited manuscript, you can print the returned file just as you would print any other file. 

I use Word 2010 and can handle documents produced by any version of Word. (If you use another program, .rtf may be the best way to go.) I'll make all comments and corrections on a copy of the file in colored font and return your work by attachment. If you've requested a critique summary, I'll email it as a separate document.