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Do you need memoir editing or fiction editing? Are you self publishing or aiming for traditional publication? Tell me about your manuscript: genre, topic, themes, word count, publication goals, copy editing needs. I'd love to hear all about it!  

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Copy Editing


What is copy editing?

Thorough copy editing corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and sentence and paragraph structure. It can also include rephrasing for clarity and help with standard publishing industry manuscript formatting. It's an important step in memoir editing and fiction editing.

This service appeals to writers who have already received extensive feedback on the content of their work and want to polish their prose before they approach agents and publishers, or before they begin the process of self publishing.

I mark all changes in colored font so that the writer can clearly see my revisions and compare them to the original draft.

How much will it cost?

I charge the same rate for both levels of copy editing: $30 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum. I offer a 10 percent discount for full prepayment of $300 or more.

NOTE: The following are general examples, not actual quotes. To determine the fee for your project, I'll consider your word count, your specific needs, and your budget. 

Option: Basic copy editing

Say you have an 80,000-word manuscript, and you need help only with grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, sentence and paragraph structure, and light rephrasing here and there for clarity. 

80,000 words divided by 3,000 words per hour = 26 hours. 26 x $30/hour = $780 in 2 installments, or $702 if prepaid in full.

Option: Intensive copy editing

Take that same 80,000-word manuscript. Say you need help with grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and sentence and paragraph structure, plus extra time for rephrasing or help with formatting. This means I work at a slower pace.

The math: 80,000 words divided by 2,000 words per hour = 40 hours. 40 x $30/hour = $1200 in 2 installments, or $1080 if prepaid in full.

Not sure which option you'll need?

I can give you quotes for both basic and intensive copy editing and help you determine which is best for your project. 

If you have a specific amount budgeted, let me know what it is, and I'll let you know what I can provide for that amount.